Cloudfanatic offers weekly backups for all standard vps instances as a paid addon.
This article describes everything you need to know about your server backup.

Q: Do you backup my server ?
A: Server backup is available for all standard vps instances as a paid addon. Only instances with purchased backup add on are backed up.

Q: What is a server backup ?
A: A server back is a copy/snapshot of your server as it is, at the time the backup is taken.

Q: How often is my server backed up ?
A: Your server is backed up once a week.

Q: How many backups do you keep ?
A: Only the most recent backup is kept.

Q: Do you offers backups for Hybrid Servers ?
A: Currently there are no backup options for Hybrid servers. Customers of Hybrid servers are required to take their own backups.

Q: Is my server shutdown while it is backed up ?
A: No, your server will remain online during backup. However please note there might be a small performance decrease during the backup process.

Q: Can I restore my latest backup at any time ?
A: Customers do not have the ability to restore backups. However if required, we can restore your latest backup for you free of charge. You can request a restoration via helpdesk ticket.

Q: Do you keep a backup of my server even if server is canceled ?
A: Once a server is canceled/terminated for whatever reason, the associated backup is also deleted.

Q: How long does it take to backup my server ?
A: That depends on the disk size of your instance. Backup times vary and can take anywhere between 1 and 8 hours.

Q: How do I purchase a backup addon for my server ?
A: You can do that during the check out process or at any time after that by clicking on your server in your account, then navigating to VPS Addons

For any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


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