• FileZilla - we will use FileZilla which can be downloaded from here for free:
  • A user account on your linux server. In this example we will use the main account "root". If you dont have that enabled, simply replace the 'Username - root' accordingly with your own user account.

Step 1:

Begin by starting up Filezilla

Step 2:

In the upper left corner, we will fill the information of the server we want to connect to:

Username: root
Password: your-root-password
Port: your-ssh-port (default is 22)

Once all filled hit enter or click Quickconnect

Step 3:

In the new dialog window click 'OK'

Step 4:

You are now connected to your server via SSH. On the left side of your screen you see your files and folders on your own computer, on the right side you will see your files and folders on your server. You are currently in your /root folder, since you logged in as root.

We now click the two dots ".." to go one folder up to your / and browse your whole server.

From here on out, you can simply navigate to which ever folder you need on both your computer and your server, and simply drag-and-drop your files from your computer on the left, to your server on the right, and vice versa. Enjoy.
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