This article applies only to KVM servers.

With rescue mode you have the ability to perform self-service, repairing downed virtual machines. Rescue mode allows you to boot your virtual machines into a minimal install of linux/livecd. Here you can either repair the virtual machine, or backup your data for restoration.

We’ll quickly go over how to enable rescue mode.

  1.  Shutdown your server
  2.  Click on the pen icon next to rescue mode and select desired kernel option and click the Enable button. In most cases kernel 3.x will work fine.

You should see a message indicating rescue mode has been enabled successfully – “Rescue Mode has been switched on successfully” and your ssh connection details.

It will take our system about <2 minutes to configure and bring rescue mode online.

Once you are finished with your repairs click the Disable button. Our system will stop rescue mode and will bring your server back online within <2 minutes.

NOTE: In certain instances you might not be able to disable rescue mode until the server is shutdown first. In that case, click Close button on the rescue mode dialog, click Shutdown button to shutdown your server, then click pen icon next to rescue mode and then click the Disable button in the rescue mode dialog window.

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